Day 3: Austria

shredded pancakes

Day 3: Austria
Breakfast – Powidl with bread and butter
Lunch – Spaetzle with mushroom sauce
Dinner – Weiner Schnitzle 
Dessert – Kaiserschmarrn
Austria day was great! The amount of work that this country a day challenge has made for us is starting to set in. Each night we are not getting to eat until around 10 pm. When we get home we typically make lunch for the next day, make dinner, eat and then make dessert. This puts us going to bed at midnight! Usually we got to bed around 10:30 so midnight is a little late for us.
combined powidl png
Anyway….on to Austria…for breakfast I made powidl, a plum paste/jam. Powidl is traditionally made sans sugar (even though we are used to so much sugar in our jams!) so I left out all sugar. One thing that I would do differently next time would be to use fresh plums. We weren’t able to find fresh plums so I ended up rehydrating dried plums and reducing them with a little orange juice and cinnamon. In the morning we made fresh french bread and used the powidl as a spread. Yummmmm.
For lunch we made spaetzle. Spaetzle….Oh spaetzle…….you were one of the most physically challenging food I have made. I am sure there is some kind of special spaetzle making kitchen tool that I lack. I tried to improvise with what I had and saw that many people make spaezle in a collander. So basically I made the vegan spaetzle dough, let it rest, and then plopped it into a colander. Here’s where the hard part came in. In order to obtain the appropriate spaetzle shape we used a spatula to push the dough through the holes in the bottom of the colander while holding the colander over a pot of boiling water. This takes a certain amount of coordination and strength that I apparently don’t posses. Twenty minutes later we had all the spaetzle cooked and served it with a mushroom and onion butter sauce (yum).
spaetzle final
Dinner was very simple. We picked up some veal and made weiner schnitzel (breaded veal) with mashed potatoes. We were so tired that I made the weiner schnitzel and Eric made the mashed potatoes and we really didn’t want to make any other side…but don’t be fooled….this guy makes an awesome mashed potato!
shredded pancakes
Finally for dessert I made Kaiserschmarrn, which is essentially a ripped up pancake served with a sweetened plum sauce and dusted with powdered sugar. It was a great end to the night.
Favorite dish: Kaiserschmarn
Best memory: As Eric was eating his weiner schnitzel he accidentally knocked the entire plate into his lap and half of his veal onto the floor. Bella was all about the veal being on the floor. Okay okay so this was MY favorite memory but maybe not Eric’s hahaha.
What we will make again: Kaiserschmarnn and weiner schnitzel……not spaetzle…..unless we buy the pasta already made…

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