Maple Pumpkin Pecan Scones (Vegan)

pumpkin pecan sconesHappy Pumpkin Day! It’s been a while since my last post, I can even believe that it is Halloween already.

What’s more fitting for Halloween than pumpkin? At dinner one night this week we realized we ran out of dessert (truly a travesty in this house). Eric suggested making these pumpkin cookies, but I realized we had been eating a lot of oats lately and thought it was time to switch it up. So these pumpkin scones were born, and really hit the spot for me. I still plan on making those cookies soon, though. They look delicious. Continue reading

Day 1: Nepalese Cuisine – One Country a Day

kaju peda 22

Day 1 on our journey was Nepal. We actually picked which countries would be on our menu about a week before the Nepal earthquake. The devastation in Nepal right now is heartbreaking so I really wanted to start the week off with Nepal while I still had all of my energy.
Nepal Day Menu:
Breakfast – Khir
Lunch – Momo
Dinner – Dal Bhat
Dessert – Kaju Peda
For breakfast we had khir, a nepalese rice pudding/porridge (also called kheer in parts of India). I have actually been craving rice pudding for a couple weeks now so this was nice to have thrown in the mix. The khir (recipe below) was a little different from the rice pudding I grew up with. I’m used to cinnamon and nutmeg, but khir is seasoned with cardamom and cloves. It was really tasty, but not quite what I am used to for breakfast. I think that is going to be a trend throughout this week. I am so used to American breakfasts being large and dense, I think we will find the simplicity of breakfasts from other countries refreshing.

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