Strawberry Shortcake (Vegan)

Vegan Strawberry ShortcakeStrawberry shortcake is such a refreshing spring/summer dessert.

And I’m so excited it is finally summer! Summer time means strawberries and strawberries mean strawberry shortcake! When I was little my Great Grandma took me strawberry picking every year. We even went picking after she lost her leg to diabetes! We brought her a stool to sit on and her and I would crawl through the field picking and picking. I remember rummaging through the fields with the smell of fresh strawberries filling the air. After we picked to our hearts content we took our bounty back home to make strawberry jam. To this day whenever I smell strawberries I think back to those days spent in the fields and in the kitchen with my Great Grandma.

Eric and I usually make jam around Christmas time, so I wanted to make a cake during the summer instead of jam. And thus this vegan strawberry shortcake was born! The cake and frosting work perfectly together along with the fresh strawberries. Look at these deliciuos berries and creamy frosting!

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Blue Raspberry Scones Recipe

Scones Title PNGHappy Summer! Yesterday was the first day of summer and these beautiful scones were the perfect breakfast to kick off the summer. Ever since I made these cranberry-orange scones that we loved so much, we have been changing up the ingredients to make variations. This summer variation is just as tasty as it is gorgeous (There is no editing on these photos!). We switched out the orange juice in the previous recipe for a blueberry puree and added raspberries in place of the cranberries. Yum yum I love me some scones.  Continue reading

Day 1: Nepalese Cuisine – One Country a Day

kaju peda 22

Day 1 on our journey was Nepal. We actually picked which countries would be on our menu about a week before the Nepal earthquake. The devastation in Nepal right now is heartbreaking so I really wanted to start the week off with Nepal while I still had all of my energy.
Nepal Day Menu:
Breakfast – Khir
Lunch – Momo
Dinner – Dal Bhat
Dessert – Kaju Peda
For breakfast we had khir, a nepalese rice pudding/porridge (also called kheer in parts of India). I have actually been craving rice pudding for a couple weeks now so this was nice to have thrown in the mix. The khir (recipe below) was a little different from the rice pudding I grew up with. I’m used to cinnamon and nutmeg, but khir is seasoned with cardamom and cloves. It was really tasty, but not quite what I am used to for breakfast. I think that is going to be a trend throughout this week. I am so used to American breakfasts being large and dense, I think we will find the simplicity of breakfasts from other countries refreshing.

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Vegan Snickers Squares Recipe


We had an awesome weekend! It was relaxing, fairly stress free and much needed after a crazy week. We dubbed it the all American weekend because we constantly found ourselves doing stereotypical “American” things…whatever that means.

Friday night we were both too tired to cook so we grabbed chipotle and headed home to eat. We ate on the couch while Eric drank canned beer and we watched “Cops” on TV. If that doesn’t scream America I don’t know what does haha. I had never really seen Cops but man…it was kind of funny at times.  Continue reading

Corgi Day at the Beach! – And Lemon “Meringue” Cups

lemon meringue cupsThis weekend instead of hiking we went on a beach picnic with another (awesome and super fun) couple. It was “Corgi Day” at the beach and we all love animals so we decided to go see all the corgis. There were soooooo mannnyyyy corgis (over 500). We saw corgi puppies, corgis with cowboy hats, corgis in tutus, corgis in bathing suits, corgis with bows, etc.


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