Maple Pumpkin Pecan Scones (Vegan)

pumpkin pecan sconesHappy Pumpkin Day! It’s been a while since my last post, I can even believe that it is Halloween already.

What’s more fitting for Halloween than pumpkin? At dinner one night this week we realized we ran out of dessert (truly a travesty in this house). Eric suggested making these pumpkin cookies, but I realized we had been eating a lot of oats lately and thought it was time to switch it up. So these pumpkin scones were born, and really hit the spot for me. I still plan on making those cookies soon, though. They look delicious. Continue reading

Vegan stuffed french toast

vegan stuffed french toastFor this vegan stuffed french toast I used the same french toast soak that I used in my french toast sticks. We make the french toast sticks often but I’ve been craving banana pudding lately so I figured it would be nice to stuff some french toast with something similar! Instead of using a french baguette I used a regular vegan sandwich loaf and grilled up a few slices. Continue reading

Vegan Boo Bites – Pumpkin and Vanilla Cookies

boo bites

Happy Halloween! We had a great relaxing day. This morning we went to brunch at Humble Bee with some friends (it was really tasty) and enjoyed a nice meal. We ran a bunch of errands and then came home to chill. I love the fall(ish) weather we have lately so whenever we get home I like to open the patio door and light a candle.

We decided to get take out for dinner and watch a movie since we usually don’t get any trick-or-treaters. I decided we needed a little sweet snack to go with our dinner, and thus the Boo Bites. Originally I had planned to use halloween colored sprinkles to make these little cookies festive, but we couldn’t find any at the stores so instead I decided to make half pumpkin and half vanilla. Continue reading

French Toast Sticks (Dairy and Egg Free)

french toast sticks dairy free egg freeWow it has been a stressful week! There are a lot of changes going on right now that are just going to take some getting used to. I’m hoping that this weekend we can go on a nice hike to clear our minds. My mom even sent me new hiking shoes so I am SUPER excited to use those!

Last weekend we didn’t get the chance to go hiking because Eric was working really hard on his talk, so instead of waking up early to go hiking, I woke up early to make french toast sticks! They were so good. They taste like Burger King french toast sticks. Continue reading