Vegan Enchiladas

Vegan Enchiladas
We’ve been on a Mexican food kick lately and I think these vegan enchiladas are my favorite so far. I don’t really like the vegan cheeses that you can buy from the grocery store so I decided to stuff these with with a potato filling and a tofu filling. Let me say that these enchiladas really hit the spot.

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Vegan Pot Pie

IMG_0388 (1)Happy Pi Day! This year I had a hard time deciding between a sweet pie and a savory pie. Ugh those decisions are always so tough :-p Originally I was going to do a savory pie for dinner and a sweet pie for dessert. I could bring the dessert pie into lab for pi day, but then I realized most of my group members would be at the ACS conference in San Diego so I settled on just one savory pie instead. Pot Pie! Continue reading

Indian Somosa Recipe

samosasThis indian somosa recipe was a kind of fly by the seat of my pants recipe that came out great. We had enough for dinner and leftovers for lunch as well. They really remind me a lot of sambusas we had at an Ethiopian restaurant a while ago. I think I will try adapting this recipe to make sambusas soon. Continue reading

Cauliflower Cakes

cake with green goddessHappy St. Patrick’s Day! Ha just kidding, I know I’m two days late. On St. Patty’s day we got home later than anticipated so I didn’t even have dinner on the table until 10:30 pm! Ugh. I was really grumpy from lack of food so I decided to wait until today to finish this post. I don’t know if people are familiar with Spongebob Squarepants anymore…but when one of us is really grumpy I say we are being a krabby patty, which I guess is fitting for last night since I made cauliflower patties. Oh, AND it was St. Patty’s Day ha! So yeah I was DEFINITELY being a krabby Patty that night. Maybe one day I will figure out a way to make crabby patties for dinner… Continue reading