Peanut Butter Ice Cream Sandwiches

ice cream sandwich and almond milkI remember when I lived at home there was a period of time when my little brother LOVED to eat ice cream sandwiches. There was always a stock of them in our freezer. Now I have all of this peanut butter ice cream laying around so I figured why not make ice cream sandwiches! Eating these has made me a little homesick. Can’t wait until I visit again this summer!

When I came up with the idea to make this ice cream sandwich I was going for the flavors in a tagalong cookie. Remember back when I made the vegan thin mint cookies? I said I had planned on making a pie that embodied each girl scout cookie. Welllll….that idea didn’t last too long. Vegan pies are not my friend. They never have been, but hopefully one day they will be. So far it is me;1 vegan pies;3. It’s a strained relationship but I’m working on it.

After I made the thin mint cookies I decided to use them as the crust portion of a mint pie. My first attempt was a complete fail (see below..hahaha). The crust was terrible and grainy, ick. On the second round I came up with a nice chocolate mint crust with chocolate mouse filling. But after that disaster in the kitchen I decided to switch it up and not make a pie for the “tagalongs” but instead to make an ice cream sandwich. And boy am I glad I did! These are a big hit in this house!

pie fail

Ok…back to the good stuff…ice cream sandwiches.

I decided to use date paste in the cake part instead of granulated sugar. Since I didn’t need the cake to rise I figured it would be fine. And so it was. The cake was delicious! I prefer to use medjool dates to make date paste because they are so much softer than regular dates. But either works fine. I used my vegan peanut butter ice cream to fill these sandwiches but any ice cream would work great! cake cutouts





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