Tacolandia 2015 Review

Eric and SamI knew this post was going to take me a long time to write so I have been putting it off this week. The past 7 days have also been a whirlwind for us and we really need to get some rest and relax for a few days (which I’m hoping we can do this weekend…fingers crossed). But on to the important business….Tacolandia was amazing! We had no idea what to expect going into it but we quickly decided that we will definitely be going back next year. The night before Tacolandia I sat down and went through all of the vendors that would be serving tacos and made a list so that we could prioritize the afternoon, and this turned out to be a great idea. We showed up about an hour and a half early to get in line, which was a must because we were some of the first people into the gates. In total we tasted 39 tacos and left completely stuffed, barely able to move. We went home and I passed out on the couch because I was so full. For us the lines seemed very manageable, I don’t think we waited in any line more than 15 minutes. We had to take a brief pause about 15 tacos in and go for a walk (and I got an ice cream…what?!) which helped reenergize us for the next round of tacos. There was also a nice tent that provided seating and phone chargers, which was a great bonus. One down side of the day was that at around 4:45 pm half of the taco vendors had already gone home! For an event that was supposed to last from 3-8 pm that was a little disappointing so I’m hoping they will improve upon that next year. Now on to the tacos…….Taco Puntas CabrasOur favorite taco of the day was from Taco Punta Cabras┬áin Santa Monica. They were serving a veal sweatbreads taco with a foie gras tortilla (so good) and artichoke-guaje salsa. The tortilla was awesome and the sweetbreads were cooked perfectly. Later on in the day we tried to go back to their tent for seconds and all they had left was tortillas….so we gladly ate the tortillas haha.


La EmbajadaAnother of my favorites was the baby goat taco served by Chef Guillermo Gonzalez (La Embajada).


Bizarra CapitalWe love the tacos at guisados so when I saw that Chef Ricardo Diaz’s new restaurant, Bizarra Capital, would be at Tacolandia it made our must taste list. And he didn’t disappoint. He cooked up some pork carnitas in a chorizo butter and topped it with an awesome apple tamarindo chutney.


Guerilla TacoOur first bite of the day was from Guerrilla Tacos. They were serving a scallop tostada that was pretty tasty. One thing I liked about this tostada was that it was an amuse. I really wanted to taste as much as possible so one bite dishes were perfect for my stomach that can’t hold TONS of food.


Carnitas El MomoThe taco from Carnitas Al Momo was another taco from the event that ended up at the top of my list. The chefs were calling it “The Aporkalypse,” which included pork shoulder, pork tongue, and pork stomach. The pork was so juicy and tender and melted in our mouths.


Amor Y TacosThe Amor y Tacos stand was handing out an interesting pork belly taco. After my first bite I was a little confused, but I ended up liking this one. It was a pork belly taco with watermelon/jicama and mole rojo. (The watermelon threw me off on the first bite but after that it worked for me).


Chichen ItzaChichen Itza was serving mexican white sea bass and was a nice fish taco.


Taco MariaThe taco from Taco Maria was another interesting one for me. I loved the presentation (beautiful taco) of the squid ink tortilla filled with grilled squid and honey roasted peanuts. Eric ate this taco before I did and he said to me “think peanut butter calamari,” which had medoubting this taco, but I’ll admit I think it worked well (and I liked this taco better than he did).


Anelpalco'sAnelpalco’s served their Taco Nejo, which is a taco with a big piece of pork belly on top of Peruvian beans topped with a nice salsa.


Tacos Kokopelli

Tacos Kokopelli2We were really looking forward to trying Tacos Kokopelli. They brought 3 different tacos (!) but we only got to try two, the Kraken (octopus with pesto) and the Aluxe (a lox ceviche with mango tamarindo). I really liked the ceviche. If we’re ever in tijuana we will hit up tacos kokopelli.

Here are some of the other tacos we tasted at Tacolandia 2015.

Beyond MeatBeyond Meat – They were showcasing their plant based meat. My best friend first told me about this company so I was excited to see what it was all about. While the ‘meat’ had good flavor we both agreed that they needed to incorporate more plant based fats to make the meat more juicy.


UrbanaUrbana – Cochinita Pibil


Chef Ray GarciaChef Ray Garcia – Calabacitas

Katsuji Tanabe 1

Katsuji Tanabe 2

Katsuji Tanabe – Great flavors but soo spicy (I’m a wimp)


KayaKaya – Asian fusion taco yum yum


LoteriaLoteria – Taco de Chicharron de Pollo con Pasta de Aloa


Petty CashPetty Cash – Sweet Potato Stuffed Taquito


RevolutionarioRevolutionario – African Inspired Tacos


Taqueria Los FamososTaqueria Los Famosos

SohoSoho Taco – Chilean Seabass Taco

Okay so that doesn’t quite cover ALL of the tacos we ate, but these were the memorable ones for us. Can’t wait until next year!!!!!!!!! Tacolandia 2016!!!



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