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Blue Raspberry Scones Recipe

Scones Title PNGHappy Summer! Yesterday was the first day of summer and these beautiful scones were the perfect breakfast to kick off the summer. Ever since I made these cranberry-orange scones that we loved so much, we have been changing up the ingredients to make variations. This summer variation is just as tasty as it is gorgeous (There is no editing on these photos!). We switched out the orange juice in the previous recipe for a blueberry puree and added raspberries in place of the cranberries. Yum yum I love me some scones.  Continue reading

One Country a Day! (and Asian Inspired Hash)

veggiesSo next week we decided that each day we are going to have an assigned country and eat foods from that country for the day. I’m really excited about this but more on that after the hash.

Last Saturday Eric and I were trying to decide what to eat for breakfast and decided to just walk up to the store, grab ingredients, and go with the flow. The whole “go with the flow” thing is a little difficult for me because I am a planner. Period. I love knowing what is coming next and the unknown scares me (for somewhat obvious reasons considering my past). Anyway…I grabbed a bunch of ingredients and headed home to make a (sort of) asian inspired hash.  Continue reading

French Toast Sticks (Dairy and Egg Free)

french toast sticks dairy free egg freeWow it has been a stressful week! There are a lot of changes going on right now that are just going to take some getting used to. I’m hoping that this weekend we can go on a nice hike to clear our minds. My mom even sent me new hiking shoes so I am SUPER excited to use those!

Last weekend we didn’t get the chance to go hiking because Eric was working really hard on his talk, so instead of waking up early to go hiking, I woke up early to make french toast sticks! They were so good. They taste like Burger King french toast sticks. Continue reading