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Mushroom and Leek Hash with 10 Spice Tofu

10 Spice TofuI love hash. There was a period of a couple months when Eric and I ate hash every Saturday morning! I’ve never had hash for dinner, though, and thought this weeks vegan night would be a great opportunity. Hash can be SO easy if you have left over potatoes from dinner the previous night (which we did). Just sauté some veggies with the potatoes and boom! Hash!

I had some left over 10-spice seasoning that I used to make this veggie soup from Oh She Glows and decided to use it to season my tofu. P.S. if you haven’t tried any of Angela’s recipe you’re missing out! This soup was awesome and we even froze half of it for a future meal. The full recipe for my mushroom leek hash is below 🙂 Continue reading

One Country a Day! (and Asian Inspired Hash)

veggiesSo next week we decided that each day we are going to have an assigned country and eat foods from that country for the day. I’m really excited about this but more on that after the hash.

Last Saturday Eric and I were trying to decide what to eat for breakfast and decided to just walk up to the store, grab ingredients, and go with the flow. The whole “go with the flow” thing is a little difficult for me because I am a planner. Period. I love knowing what is coming next and the unknown scares me (for somewhat obvious reasons considering my past). Anyway…I grabbed a bunch of ingredients and headed home to make a (sort of) asian inspired hash.  Continue reading