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Tacolandia 2015 Review

Eric and SamI knew this post was going to take me a long time to write so I have been putting it off this week. The past 7 days have also been a whirlwind for us and we really need to get some rest and relax for a few days (which I’m hoping we can do this weekend…fingers crossed). But on to the important business….Tacolandia was amazing! We had no idea what to expect going into it but we quickly decided that we will definitely be going back next year. The night before Tacolandia I sat down and went through all of the vendors that would be serving tacos and made a list so that we could prioritize the afternoon, and this turned out to be a great idea. We showed up about an hour and a half early to get in line, which was a must because we were some of the first people into the gates. In total we tasted 39 tacos and left completely stuffed, barely able to move. We went home and I passed out on the couch because I was so full. For us the lines seemed very manageable, I don’t think we waited in any line more than 15 minutes. We had to take a brief pause about 15 tacos in and go for a walk (and I got an ice cream…what?!) which helped reenergize us for the next round of tacos. There was also a nice tent that provided seating and phone chargers, which was a great bonus. One down side of the day was that at around 4:45 pm half of the taco vendors had already gone home! For an event that was supposed to last from 3-8 pm that was a little disappointing so I’m hoping they will improve upon that next year. Now on to the tacos…….Taco Puntas Cabras Continue reading