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Vegan Red, White, and Blue Jello Cake Recipe


Happy¬†Independence Day! Our past few weekends have been kind of hectic so this weekend we have been taking it easy and mostly hanging out by the pool. After hanging out by the pool we took a trip over to Marina Del Rey to watch fireworks while eating dinner on a waterside patio. Sadly this did not work out because there were WAY too many cars and we couldn’t find parking. I was extremely grumpy so Eric took control and drove to Santa Monica.¬†We wandered around Third Street Promenade until we happened into a little restaurant called “The Independence” (fitting ha). Eric had the lamb and I had a venison ragu….we will probably go back to this restaurant at some point.


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5 Minute Vegan Chocolate Cake

Today was Tacolandia (oh my goodness….so much goodness) and when we got home we just layed on the couch watching tv in our food coma. Around 11pm we both started craving a sweet treat but I was too tired to actually bake something so I figured why not try a microwaveable cake! It took me about 3 minutes to whip together the batter and another minute in the microwave and tada! Dessert was served. My next goal is to make this treat SIGNIFICANTLY healthier, because….well…sugar. I have a few ideas that I’ll try our next time, but here’s what I did for this cake. Continue reading