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Rum Balls Recipe – Vegan

Rum ballsWho doesn’t love rum balls?! Combining rum and chocolate is like the ultimate dessert, right? These vegan rum balls were actually inspired by a complete failure in the kitchen I experienced last weekend. We’ve been watching the olympics the past few weeks and I was inspired to try to make a traditional brazilian dessert, brigadeiros (but make them vegan). They are usually made with butter, sweetened condensed milk and cocoa powder. I recently found vegan sweetened condensed coconut milk in Sprout’s and really wanted to use it in a new recipe. Brigadeiros just seemed perfect. Continue reading

Vegan Healthy Caramel Apple Bites

Caramel Apple BitesThese caramel apple bites are an awesome healthy dessert! We have gotten used to having something sweet in the evenings and we really need to reel this in a little bit. Instead of having super sugary desserts I’ve been trying to think of healthier ways to satisfy that sweet tooth. I got the idea to make caramel apple slices from domestically blissful (hers look so tasty!). I wanted to make these vegan so that Eric and I could enjoy these together, so I decided to make a raw date caramel instead of using traditional caramel. These were super easy and very yummy. We originally planned on only eating two each….but….we ate them all.

To make the raw date caramel just add 15 pitted medjool dates to a food processor along with 2 tbsp of almond milk and 2 tbsp of coconut cream (alternatively add almond milk in substitute for the coconut cream). Process the dates until a creamy paste forms. Continue reading

Vegan Peanut Butter Ice Cream

icecream in a beaker

I’ve made plenty of sorbets before but vegan ice cream is kind of new territory for me. I made a cashew based ice cream a couple of weeks ago and loved the flavor but the texture threw me off a little (maybe I just need to blend for longer to achieve a smoother texture?). So this week I decided to try a coconut based ice cream and it came out perfectly! This ice cream has an awesome peanut butter flavor and it is very creamy. I’m not sure if our freezer just gets REALLY cold or what, but I recommend letting this ice cream sit on the counter for 10 minutes prior to scooping. Continue reading

It’s Girl Scout Cookie Season!!

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I LOVE girl scout cookies. I (like many others) can eat entire boxes on my own. My favorites are the tagalongs and ThinMints. Last year when I went to buy girl scout cookies I was bummed that Eric couldn’t eat any of them because they weren’t vegan. This year, Girl Scouts changed a few of their recipes to accommodate different diets including vegan and gluten free diets! Continue reading