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cupcake atmA few weeks ago my mom came to visit and we had an AWESOME time. It turned out to be the best week I have had in a long time. As I get older I realize that moments spent with those I love are really the memories that I will cherish forever. Work and chores are an important part of life, but no where near as important as family and relationships.

When either my mom, brother, or grandma comes to town it means one important thing. A ton of amazing food…and a great time of course. This visit was no exception; we had sooo many tasty things and we didn’t waste any time either. She arrived at 10 pm on a Friday night and we headed straight to Bella Pita for a late night snack! After ordering enough to feed a small village we headed home and ate while chatting for a few hours. We finally got to bed around 2 am, ha!

Mom brought a can of venison with her so the next morning we woke up (late) and she made venison hash…this is my favorite breakfast food. Eric and I were on a hash binge for a few months and ate a different hash every weekend, but venison hash with an egg on top is my all time fav (no egg for Eric of course). hashI’m not the only one that was so happy my mom was in town. Bella and Frank were SO excited to see grandma and get some much needed play time. On Sunday she brought them up to UCLA while Eric and I were working and took them on a great walk. Lately we have noticed a coyote problem in our neighborhood so we haven’t been walking the dogs after dark. There were reports of a German shepard killed by the coyotes (breaks my heart) and we have run into them personally on multiple occasions. The last time we ran into them they were traveling in a pack of three fairly large coyotes. This has severely limited Bella and Frank’s walk time, which they love. My mom came up with the idea of taking them to UCLA and they were ecstatic. There are a few open grassy fields where they can run around. Bella is allowed off leash because she is a great listener, but Frank gets easily distracted by nearby sights (read birds and squirrels) so can’t be trusted off leash. This led to a little jealousy but overall they had a great time. Sunday was also Mother’s Day and we decided to take my mom to Meals by Genet, our favorite Ethiopian restaurant in LA.  I was excited to go try her dorowat, which I wasn’t able to try previously because of Eric’s egg allergy. Eric even ate an entire plate of tibs and veggies on his own! I mean the plates are HUGE so I was impressed. For dessert we had lattes made with Ethiopian coffee and affogto.IMG_6283

IMG_6286 (1)


Of course the trip wouldn’t be complete without cupcakes, so we stopped by sprinkles, grabbed a few cupcakes, and then ate at their ice cream shop next door. What’s better than a scoop of ice cream in between a cupcake!? I tried the banana cupcake with chocolate frosting with a scoop of cap’n crunch ice cream in the middle!cupcakes!That week I set up an appointment to have a biopsy done of a mole on Wednesday because I knew I wouldn’t do it unless I was pushed to go. I have a HUGE fear of needles. Really. You can’t even imagine. This poor doctor. I felt so bad for him during the biopsy but I just really do not like needles. After the doctor I needed a little pick me up so we went and got some awesome lattes across the street. The coffee was great and they had a huge tea selection. Next we went to the lobsta truck. My mom had never had a lobster roll (a travesty) so this was really a must.


IMG_6315 (1)


The next morning we went to Balconi to get my favorite latte (the almond latte…you MUST try it it’s awesome).


After Balconi we ran over and got a Roomba! Seriously this thing has been a life saver. I’m not sure how it would work in a large house, but in our 700 sq ft apartment it’s perfect. The dogs are still warming up to it and Bella is making sure the Roomba understands she is in charge around here. Having the Roomba around has really cut down on our cleaning time. We just turn him on every other night and let him clean!

IMG_6335We also went to get some yummy Ramen at Tatsu. I had been here before but I never realized that their noodles are dairy and egg free so Eric can eat them! We will definitely be going back so he can try Ramen for the first time.IMG_6333A trip to LA wouldn’t be complete without some Mexican food so we hit up a little place in the valley that Eric and I go to all the time. The food is great and super cheap with HUGE portions. This is really the place to go when you want to gorge on some good Mexican food.IMG_6275On my moms last night, her and I went to see a movie at this fancy theater where we ate dinner and got to curl up with pillows, blankets, and a cocktail. It was such a treat and we had a few laughs along the way. One of the servers ended up spilling popcorn ALL OVER my mom. There was popcorn everywhere haha.IMG_6348We drove my mom to the airport and I had a tearful goodbye. I always hate when my family leaves. I’m so close to my family and I love spending time with them that when it is time to separate it is really difficult for me. There were definitely tears. Eric took me to Sweet Rose to help me feel better and I got blueberry muffin ice cream (my favorite flavor ever).  I’m sure I left out quite a few places that we ate, but all in all I had the best time with my mom and can’t wait until she comes back 🙂IMG_6363

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